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N ano-
One billionth of a second (1/1,000,000,000). The speed of memory chips is measured in nanoseconds; typical memory chips clock at 50 - 80 nanoseconds; some of the newest SDRAM chips are up to 10-12 times faster).
NAO Newspaper Abstracts Ondisc (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, USA TODAY...) NAO is a database that is updated monthly since 1985.
NAP Network Access Point (the backbone of the Internet where information is exchanged between ISPs [Internet Service Providers]; also called RAP [Regional Access Point] or REP [Regional Exchange Point]) (also a description of student activity during lectures)
NAS Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation
NAT Network Address Translation (allows numerous IP [Internet Protocol] addresses on a private LAN [Local Area Network] to have access to one public address that connects to the Internet)
NAV Norton AntiVirus; see: Symantec
NC Network Computer (computer connected to a host of other computers; thus, several people may work on the same project while not sharing the same physical environment)
NCAPI Netscape Client Application Programming Interface
NCD Network Copy Detection (in cases where one licensed copy is used on a Network system the NCD file will impair the second user's ability to start the program if an identical copy is already in use).
NCDs Network Computing Devices
NCP NetWare Core Protocol
NCPs Novell Connecting Points
NCSA National Computer Security Association (independent organization that conducts tests on, and certifies antivirus software)
NCSA Mosaic National Center for Supercomputing Applications (the first version of a Web access software developped at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; 605 East Springfield Avenue, Champaign, IL 61829-55180)
NDIS Network Device Interface Specification
NDS Netware's Novel Directory Services
.ndx Index file extension
NEARnet New England Academic & Research Network
NetBEUI Net BIOS [Basic Input/Output System] Extended/Enhanced User Interface
Netiquette Cybermanners or etiquette rules for behavior while on the internet
NetWare Novell's application for LANs [Local Area Networks])
Network Two or more connected PCs
Administrator managing the proper functioning and proper use of a computer network system. The supervisor may have access to all accounts on the specific network and is responsible for oppening and closing accounts.
Discussion group on the Internet that generally form around a specific area of group members interests and expertise.
NexGen Computer CPU chip manufacturer (also see AMD, Cyrix & Intel).
NFS Network File System
NGI Next Generation Internet (A multi-agency federal research and development program designing advanced networking technologies and applications)
NHRP Next Hop Resolution Protocol
NI Non Interlaced (PC Monitor)
NIC (1) Network Information Center
(2) Network Interface Card
Nicname Short easy-to memorize e-mail address (also see Alias)
NII National Information Infrastructure (a base for the technological infrastructure)
NIS Network Information Services (a CSLA facility that allows a user with a single account and password to access all the large file servers on campus).
NIST National Institute of Standards & Technology
NLightN Pronounced "Enlighten" NLightN is a great search engine
NLM NetWare Loadable Modules (a utility that allows the loading of programs into memory for processing)
NLS National Language Support (DOS memory-resident program that loads country-specific information).
NLSP Network Link State Protocol
N/N Represents "No" and "No" respectively. When N/N are used together with two other options (e.g., 24/32bpp N/N), it means that both 24bpp and 32bpp are not supported (also see Y/N & Y/Y)
NNTP Net News Transport Protocol
NOC Network Operations Center
NOS Network Operating System (Win 3.11 or Win. NT [New Technology])
NPA Network Professional Association
NREN National Research and Education Network (replaced the NSFNet [National Science Foundation Network]).
NSA National Security Agency (introduced in 1993 a fingernail-size chip--the "Clipper Chip"--which scrambles communications to assure security privacy on the Information Super Highway. The catch to this chip is the fact that "Uncle Sam" has the code and thus can listen in).
NSEPRO Netawre Support Encyclopedia, Professional Edition.
NSF National Science Foundation; see: www.nsf.gov
Not So FAQ [Frequently Answered Questions] But Things I Wanted To Share (by Robin Getz)
NSFNet National Science Foundation Network former access provider to Universities and other institutions. The Network access service was eliminated in 1995.
NSI Network Solutions Inc., (contrator company with NSF [Network File System] to provide businesses with DNSs [Domain, Name, System] addresses; also see: www.netsol.com).
NSP Native Signal Processing (Intel's goal of a built in DSP [Digital Signal Processor]).
NT New Technology (Formally named Windows New Technology or WIN-NT as opposed to NT only due to Northern Telecom's objection to the sole utilization of the letters "NT" for the product's name)
NT1 Network Termination Device (interface between ISDN [Integrated Services Digital Interface] and telephone connector)
NTFS New Technology File System
NT HAL New Technology Hardware Abstraction Layer
NTID National Technical Institute for the Deaf (developed among other technologies the "C-Print" computer-assisted speech-to-print transcription system)
NTP Network Time Protocol (protocol for keeping the correct time on the Internet)
NTS a) Network Terminal Server;
b) Network Time Server (used to adjust the NTP)
NTSC National Television Standards Committee (device that operates by the North American standards for VCRs and/or TVs; 525 lines, 60 frames per second, 2 frames per field).
A sequence of characters that can be interpreted as a number. Also, any combination of variables, constants, functions, and operators that an application can evaluate to a number (also see String expression)
NYSERNet New York State Education & Research Network

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