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I AB Internet Architecture Board (group of selected volunteers that allocate Internet addresses, set Internet standards, etc...The IAB reports to the ISOC [Internet Society]).
IAHC Internet Ad Hoc Coalition (see: http://www.iahc.org)
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (replaced by ICANN [Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers] in 1998. As a federal government contractor, IANA managed the 13 root servers and distributed country codes for top level domains. NSI [Network Solutions Inc.] has a separate federal government contract for the management of the top level domains .com, .net, and .org).
IBM International Business Machines (see: www.ibm.com)
IBM-AT International Business Machines-- Advanced Technology
IBVA Interactive Brainwaves Analyzer system (an EEG [electroencephalo graph] based device that is wrapped around the top of the head and through a controller card reads brain waves).
IC Integrated Circuit (A computer chip that includes a very large number of interconnected electronic components which often are imprinted on a small silicon block).
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (A nonprofit corporation, based in Marina del Rey, CA. Formed in 1998 as "an experiment in global self-governance" of the Net's DNS [Domain Name System]).
ICC Instructional Computing Consultant (Cal State LA)
ICE Internet Content and Exchange (a site-to-site exchange of online assets) (Cal State LA)
ICM Image Color Matching (Kodak technology utilized by Windows to better match the monitor displayed colors and the specific printer used).
.ico Icon file extension (Icons are 32 by 32 pixel graphical displays).
iCOMP Intel COMPARATIVE Microprocessor Performance (The Intel comp. index is a simple relative performance rating for Intel's family of microprocessors, both alone and with the addition of an overdrive processor. Eight technical performance categories are weighted together to comprise the comp. index.
Icon A graphic representation of an object or concept; commonly used to represent minimized applications in MS-Windows. An icon can assume a maximum size of 32 * 32 pixels.
ID Interlaced Display (a system that paints a PC monitor's screen with two quick scans. At first, the odd lines are painted. Then immediately after, the even lines are painted. This system in a monitor is inferior (though less expensive) to the Non-I nterlaced (NI) technology.
IDDE Integrated Development and D ebugging Environment (by Symantec)
IDE (1) Interactive Development Environment
(2) Integrated Drive Electronics (hard drive; also see SCSI [Small Computer System Interface]
IDL Interactive Data or Definition Language (API [Application Programming Interface] by Research Systems Inc., that utilizes special code that enables the display and manipulation of 3D (three dimensional) bitmapped data. The capacity to present data visually and to manipulate 3D electronic images is invaluable to studying images from outer-space, X-rays, MRIs [Magnetic Resonance Imaging] or presenting data in a visual form).
IDMR Internet Domain Multicast Routing
IDR Internet Domain Routing
IE Internet Explorer
IEAK Internet Explorer Administration Kit
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (Group that sets standards in the field of electronics; also the sound one evokes when accidentally striking one's finger with a hammer...)
802.1x an IEEE specification for port-based access control
IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IIOP Internet Inter-Operability/ORB Protocol
IIS Internet Information Server (Windows NT installation option)
IISP Interim Interswitch Signaling Protocol
ILMI Interim Local Management Interface
IMA Interactive Multimedia Association (also "mother" in Hebrew)
IMAP Interactive Mail Access Protocol (protocol for storage and retrieval of e-mail)
IMHO In my humble opinion (E-mail acronym to speed up e-mail message writing) ["Don't be humble: You're not that great." Golda Meir]
Infocomm Information Communications
Database search engine, e.g., Archie & Veronica.
PC, Fax/Modem, TV, and Telephone all in one unit.
.INI Initialization files control options for the user of an application. INI files contain settings for program parameters (MS-WIN).
Internet All the PCs in the world that are linked so that they may exchange information.
InterNIC Internet Network Information Center
INTIME Integrating New Technologies Into Methods of Education (INTIME enables educators to watch online video vignettes of Pre K-12 teachers from various grades and subjects, and integrate technology into their classrooms using numerous teaching strategies). Source: www.intime.uni.edu/
I/O Input/Output
IP Internet Protocol (main protocol used on the Internet)
IPIX Interactive Pictures Immersive Graphics (Technology that allows the viewing of the front and back of a viewing field by creating two fish-eye [180 degrees shots [great idea for safety cameras]).
IPL Internal Program Loading (from ROM during PC booting)
IPM Intelligent Power Management (energy saving system for portable computers).
IPMB Intelligent Platform Management Bus
A unique Internet Protocol number (e.g., 111.222.333.4) that places a specific PC on the Internet (most PCs also have a corresponding Domain Name, such as, dfrankl@pacbell.net ).
IPO International Program Office (a WAI [Web Accessibility Initiative] future branch that will focus on making the Internet friendlier to the 750 million individuals with disabilities world wide).
IPWS Internet Platforms and Web Services
IPX Internet Packet Exchange (routing system).
IQY Internet Query (Web query that fetches data from a Web site)
IR Infrared technology (allows wireless file transfer between a portable PC and a desktop and/or another portable without the use of cables).
IRC Internet Relay Chat (Net service that lets users join "rooms" or "channels" to communicate via keyboard. Each member receives a copy of a message sent to the channel or room they are visiting.
IRDA Infrared Data Association
IRQ Interrupt ReQuest (Occasionally, the mouse's pointer freezes on the screen and a waite signal is displayed momentarily on the screen. When data is transferred from your PC to your printer, for example, the PC's processing architecture will interrupt key- board and/or other hardware as well as software to allow the system's full and uninterrupted use of the microprocessor).
IRT Interacting in Real Time (Internet communications through the keyboard and monitor in a fashion similar to a real time telephone conversation).
IS (1) Information Standard
(2) Information System
(3) Intermediate Specification (e.g., IS-95B for wireless communications)
ISA (1) Industry Standard Architecture (AT style -- 16 bit)
(2) Integrated Subsystem Assembly
ISAM Indexed Sequential Access Method databases
ISAPI Internet Server Application Programming Interface
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network (a digital version of switched circuit analog telephone lines. For a comprehensive ISDN related Glossary list look up Pacific Bell's site at: dialup.pacbell.net/ISDN/glossary.html).
ISIS Instructional Support Information System (see: web.calstatela.edu).
ISM Industrial, Scientific, Medical band (freely available radio-based physical layer protocol for wireless communications)
ISO International Standards Organization
ISOC The Internet Society (membership organization that supports the Internet)
ISP Internet Service Provider (provides access to the Internet using a PC, Modem, and a phone line)
ISPs International Standardized Profiles bring together elements of ISs [Information Standards] to perform a particular function.
IT Information Technology (e.g., VCR, PCS, E-mail, Internet, CD-ROM, etc...)
ITS (1) Information Technology Services (CSLA)
ITS (2) Internet Transport Service
ITU International Telecommunication Union (based in Geneva)
ITV Interactive TV
IU Information Utility (NEXIS, LEXIS, OPAC, LIBS???)
IVAN Interactive Voice Answering Network (e.g., CorelDraw support service that provides pre-recorded answers to commonly asked questions; Tel: (613) 728-1990).
IW Internet World (Internet Magazine ISSN 1064-3923 published monthly by Mecklermedia corp., 20 Ketchum Street, Westport, CT 06880; see: http://www.info@mecklermedia.com)
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