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R AD Rapid Application Development (software development with the use of pre-designed controls and features so that the developer puts the blocks together as opposed to manufacture the block before starting to build).
RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks (hardware or software based system that allows several hard drives to work together so it may appear as a single disk; also, may be used as a spray to get rid of all the "bugs" in your computer)
RAM Read or Random-Access Memory--The temporary memory a computer uses to store data currently being used. Unless saved, data in RAM are lost when the computer is turned off. RAM size determines the speed, and number of applications that may run simultaneously (systems with 64 MB or larger RAMs have a reduced need to access the hard drive).
RAMDAC RAM-based Digital-to-Analog Converter converts RGB (colors) digital images into an analog signal that the monitor can understand.
RAP Regional Access Point (also see NAP [Network Access Point])
ratio sites MP3 sites that require a logged (connected to the site via internet connection) user to upload a certain number of bytes in exchange for "download credits." For example, a site that requires a 1:2 ratio would expect an upload of one byte for each two downloaded bytes.
REP Regional Exchange Point (also see NAP [Network Access Point])
RAS Remote Access Service (Networking)
Electron beam that creates a tight sequence of lines on the TV screen.
RCD Recordable CD-ROM (used for data archiving/backup, as well as for testing and creating multimedia titles and presentations)
RDBMS Relational Data Base Management Systems
RDC Remote Data Control
RDF Resource Definition Format (a data-modeling language that utilizes XML [Extended Markup Language] syntax)
RDO Remote Data Access Object
RDS Remote Document Server
is the amount of time it takes for the screen to redraw or the rate of monitor redrawing of its content per minute; a rate of 70 Hz or better is considered desirable and reflects ergonomic concerns regarding screen flicker and eye fatigue.
tation Act
of the)
Federal regulations specifically setting out guidelines for accessible Internet content for individuals with disabilities. A website may be tested for "Section 508" compliance by submitting the site’s URL to http://bobby.watchfire.com/. The Bobby website tests web pages using the guidelines established by the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Access Initiative (WAI) as well as Section 508 guidelines from the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) of the U.S. Federal Government.
.rem REMarks file extension (also, Rapid Eye Movement during sleep in front of your PC)
REt Resolution Enhancement (HP Laser printers feature that produces sharp graphic images by the elimination of stair-stepping & jagged edges).
RFC Request for Comment (Internet standards)
RFD Request for Discussion (Internet process for the formation of additional news groups)
RFI Radio Frequency Interference (Electrical noise that distorts radio reception)
RGB Red, Green, & Blue digital format screen images are the only analog format a monitor understands. An RGB color definition specifies the relative intensity of each of the three colors which in turn creates a new specific color. Each color has an integer ranging from 0-255 that represents the intensity of that color.
RIAA Recording Industry Association of America
All computers in a ring network are connected in a circle (ring) so that each machine, for example, is wired to two other computers. Ring networks allow the creation of a distributed data processing system, i.e., each machine may operate independently and at the same time share information and resources with other network computers.
RIP Routing Internet Protocol (for now Rest In Peace comes later, hopefully, much later...)
RIPEM Riordan's Privacy Enhanced Mail
RISC Reduced-Instruction-Set Computer
RJ--45 connector End of Cat [Category] 5 cable that fits in RJ--45 port
RJ--45 port Network interface that connects two PCs via Cat [Category] 5 cable so that resources may be shared between the connected PCs.
RLL Run Length Limited (Disk)
RmDIR Remove Directory (DOS command to erase an existing directory on a hard drive--if you're still using DOS consider adding a window to your cave...).
RMF Rich Music Format (also see MIDI, MOD, WAV, AIFF, & AU)
RMON Remote Network Monitoring
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing (E-mail acronym to speed up e-mail message writing)
ROI Return on Investment (term used in discussion on PC upgrades)
NPV -- Net Present Value
ROI Formulas: (From PC Computing Nov. 1994,
by Ron White, pp. 196-198)
Time for upgrade to pay for itself:
Time = Cost/(Hours You Use a PC X Salary X Productivity Increase)
Productive Hours Gained after one year:
Hours Gained = 12 X (Hours You Use PC X Productivity Increase per month)
Rollover Multi-line phone connection that automatically routes calls to the next available modem line.
RPCs Remote Procedure Calls
RPM Revolutions per Minute or Relative Performance Measurement of a PC and its devices that indicates relative performance as compared to a common reference.
RSAC Recreational Software Advisory Council
.rtf Rich Text Format file extension (a safe text format for FTP [File Transfer Protocol] in MIME [Multiporpose Internet Mail Extention).
RTM Radio Telemetry Modul (transmission of race car engine information to race car team by Delphi).
RTP Realtime Transport Protocol (Beats Retention, Tenure, Promotion anyday...).
RTS Request To Send (or CTS Clear to Send)
RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol
RTTI RunTime Type Iinformation (Visual C++ 4.0)

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