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M AC Media Access Control
MACE Middleware Architectural Committee for Education (a group of leading higher education information technology architects)
An account of all the members on a LAN [Local Area Network] that receive and send e-mail type messages.
Software for the retreival and sending of e-mail
.mak file extension of a record of individual component files of a project in VB [Visual Basic] for example)
MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface (application development software feature that builds e-mail capabilities into an existing program)
MathML Mathematical Markup Language ("MathML is a low-level specification for describing mathematics as a basis for machine to machine communication. It provides a much needed foundation for the inclusion of mathematical expressions in Web pages." For more information see: W3C's Math Home Page
MB Megabyte (A digital MB equals 1,048,576 decimal bytes which represents 2 raised to the 20th or 1024 * 1024 bytes; a decimal MB equals 1,000,000 bytes; also see GB & TB)
MBone Multicast Backbone (also see Backbone)
Mbps Megabytes per second (describing the rate at which data is read or transferred)
Total number of hits per month multiplied by web page size in kb (e.g., 10,000 hits by 30kb per page = 300 MB per month (method by which Web Host Service Providers assess fees for Web page publishing on the Internet)
MC Miniature Card (Intel's miniature storage technology that allows consumer electronics, such as, digital cameras and videos to store data and interface with PCs)
MCA Micro Channel Architecture (Technology first unveiled in 1987 by IBM when it introduced the PS/2 (Personal System/2) with the 80286 CPU. The MCA Bus transfers data at 32-bit.
MCF Meta Content File format (early version of the RDF [Resource Definition Format specification)
MCI Multimedia Control Interface
MCIS Microsoft Commercial Internet System
MCSE Microsoft Certified System Engineer
MDA Monochrome Display Adaptor (see also HGB; there may have been a time that there was no color, but we at least HAD hair...)
MDI Multiple-Document Interface (For example, the MDI file in VB [Visual Basic] is designed especially for document-centered applications. MDIs make it possible to open several applications simultaneously or have more than one active window within the space of one application).
Multiple-Document Interface window that is controlled by the MDIClient Window that allows the user to pick images, for example, to add to a working document.
Multiple-Document Interface window placed on top of the client area of an active application.
MEDLARS Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System (digital medical information retrieval tool).
Megabyte A digital MB equals 1,048,576 decimal bytes which represents 2 raised to the 20th; a decimal MB equals 1,000,000 bytes.
MEMs Microelectromechanical system
MetaCrawler Internet metasearch (across search engines) engine that scans major search engines, such as: Excite, Galaxy, Go, Google GoTo, HotBot, Lycos, WebCrawler, and Yahoo. You may also search the web using MetaCrawler.
Metafile A file that stores an image in terms of graphical objects (lines, circles, polygons) rather than pixels. When resized, a metafile tends to preserve an image better than bitmap does (also see bitmap).
ME/U Mind EExtension University (cable channel)
MFC a) Microsoft Foundation Classes (programming in Visual C++ 1.0)
MFC b) Multi-Function Centers (combine a laser printer, copier, scanner, and fax/modem all in one).
MFM Modified Frequency Modulation (Disk)
MHZ Megahertz or millions of cycles per second. An approximate assessment of CPU performance. The higher is the speed of the clock the faster the performance of a CPU from the same group. For example, a 100 MHZ 80486DX4 was approximately 50% faster than a 66 MHZ 80486DX2, yet a 100 MHZ Pentium based PC was twice as fast (also see Hz). New groups, such as, Pentium II and Pentium III are much faster than the MHZ number would suggest in comparison to older CPU groups
MIB Management Information Base
Mic-In Jack on sound card for microphone plug in via cable.
MID Mobile Information Device (profile for the Palm OS [Operating System] platform).
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface (an interface that enables your PC to send and receive messages for the purpose of creating music, sound, or lighting).
.mid Musical Instrument Device file extension.
MIDS Matrix Information Directory Services
MIF Management Information Format (.mif file extension)
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (lets multiple binary attachments to be encoded, decoded, and sent in a single message).
Duplicates of FTP [File Transfer Protocol] sites that help in alleviating traffic congestion in heavily used sites on the Internet.
MKS Mortice Kern Systems Inc., specializes in software for application developers.
MLDs Multilingual Domains
MMX MultiMedia Extension
MNP Microcom Network Protocol (error correction protocol)
MO Magneto-Optical technology (utilized in CD drives that use magnetic & laser fields to write and read data)
MODEM MODulator/DEModulator (A piece of hardware that transforms signals between a computer's digital language and the telephone's analog language so computers can exchange information across telephone lines).
The mechanism of impressing a data-carrying signal onto a carrier.
MOM Microsoft Office Manager (also see WordPerfect's DAD [Desktop Application Director]; even mom and dad isn't what it used to be).
MOO Object Oriented, Multiple-user domain (in Cyberspace)
MOS Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor
MOSAIC Early, free, and very popular Internet browser which I believe was the precursor of Netscape (originally developped at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana)
MOVs Metal Oxide Varistors keep the total line voltage at normal level in Surge Protectors.
MP MultiProcessing or MultiProtocol
MPC Multimedia Personal Computer
MPEG Moving Picture Expert Group
MPOA Multi-Protocol Over ATM [Automated Teller Machine])
MPR II The 1990 Swedish government's Department of Labor standards on monitor emissions (MPR I is the 1987 standard).
MPTP Micro Payment Transfer Protocol
MRU Most Recently Used (software function that the user to go directly to the last project when starting an application; available, for example since the WordPerfect's 6.1 for Windows version)
MSB Most Significant Bit ([bit binary digit i.e., 1111] The value of a binary number is the sum of the digits following its multiplication by its weight.) Also see LSB [Least Significant Bit]
MSCDEX MicroSoft Compact-Disk Read-Only Memory Extension Driver (required by CD-ROM drives)
.MSD Microsoft Diagnostics (The msd program may be loaded by typing "msd" at the C:> prompt (this is a DOS based feature).
MSDL Microsoft Down-Load (direct Internet connection for technical information by MS).
MSDN Microsoft Developer Network Library (CD-ROM based programing and toolkits for MS Windows developers)
MSN Microsoft Network
MSP Message Security Protocol
MTBF Mean Time Before Failure (e.g., 100,000 hours).
MTF Modulation Transfer Function scores offer an objective assessment of a monitor's image sharpness.
MTU Maximum Transmission Unit (used to configure a PCs SLIP [Serial Line Internet Protocol])
MUDs Multi-user Domains or Dungeons (Internet)
Software that supports the ability to run a large number of OSs [Operating Systems) on a PC.
Utilizing two or more samples of MIDI [Musical Instrument Digital Interface] sounds in one wavetable slot or patch; also see Multitimbral Parts.
The number of distinct musical instrument sounds a synthesizer can play simultaneously. Thus, a virtual trio, quartet, etc... effect may be achieved.
"Mumble" A neat piece of hardware in "programese."
MUX Multiplexer (the transmitting data selector, from multiple inputs to a smaller number of outputs, in digital systems)
MVA Motion Video Acceleration (driver for playing video clips)
Mail Exchange Record

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