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E A Enterprise Architecture (technology integration compliance framework with information security, information management, and information technology demands)
E ASI Equal Access to Software and Information (serving software users with disabilities); www.rit.edu/~easi/law.html or www.rit.edu/~easi/workshops.html; (Also see WAI [Web Accessibility Initiative] pronounced 'way')

EC (1) Electronic Commerce

(2) Error-Control Protocol (modem)

ECC Error Correcting Code or Error Checking and Correcting (feature with EDO RAM [Extended Data Output])
ECI (1) Extended Call Interface

(2) External Cell Interface

ECM Computerized Engine Control Module (micro chip that maximizes fuel efficiency while maintaining power)
Laser printer feature that saves up to 50% of toner cost by reducing toner amount during the printing process.
ECP Extended Capabilities Port (mode available with SPP [Standard Parallel Port]; also see EPP [Enhanced mode Parallel Port])

ECPA Electronic Communications Privacy Act (act that limits what an employer may log of employee communications unless the employee is explicitly informed of this practice and the nature of the business justifies such actions)
EDC Error Detection and Correction (as in EDC RAM for Multi-processing).
EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis & Retrieval (digital data search engine)

EDGE Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution

EDI Electronic Data Interchange (standard for electronic test score reporting)

EDO Extended Data Output (high speed DRAM [Dynamic Random-Access Memory] memory). Early during its introduction, EDO was labeled by some power users as E.D.O.T (Idiot) memory since it would have made more sense to invest in a faster CPU rather than in EDO memory. EDO memory was since replaced by newer technology.

EDUCOM Educational Communications (Software developer for information technology in education; also see EUIT)

Software for children that combines educational elements with entertaining activities, such as games.

EEPROM Electronic Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EET Edge-Enhancement Technology by Panasonic (printers)

EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation (organization for the protection of privacy rights on the Internet; for more information see: http://www.eff.org .

EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter (adapter for monitor/screen)

EIA Electronics Industries Association (controls U.S. industry standards for electronics manufacturers).

EISA Extended ISA [Industry Standard Architecture, 32-bit bus].

a combination of digital black board and slide projector for on-line data sharing or instruction.

ELF Potentially harmful Extremely Low Frequency monitor emissions (also see VLF [Very Low Frequency]).

ELVIS Well and very much alive on the Net in his new incarnation as Eli Lilly Virtual Information Service (Ali Lilly & Company, a provider of pharmaceutical products and health care solutions)

e-mail Electronic Mail (communications between PC users that are connected to the Internet)

EMI Electro-Magnetic Interference (e.g., Electrical noise that distorts TV reception)

EMM Extended Memory Manager (e.g., DOS EMM386 provides access to UMB [Upper Memory Blocks] and uses EM [Extended Memory] to simulate EMS [Expanded Memory]).

Emoticons Type set icons that express a range of human emotion, e.g., , , [.7.], {*-*}, etc.

EMPs Excessive Multiple Posts (Netiquette violation of posting too many topics in a discussion group on the Net).

EMS Expanded Memory Specification (DOS driven memory that created a number of memory buffers for DOS programs' use); also known as LIM [Lotus, Intel, Microsoft] EMS.

End User In a network system the end user is the individual working on one of the network stations (also see Network Supervisor/Administrator and EULA [End-User License Agreement])
ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer (a 30--ton computer that required a 30 by 50 foot space)
ENT Enterprise Networking and Telecom
EPI External Presentation Interface
EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center (privacy rights group; check http://www.epic.org and also see PRC [Privacy Rights Clearinghouse] http://www.acusd.edu/~prc.

EPP Enhanced Parallel Port (increases data transfer rates in Notebooks to up to 1MB/sec).

EPROM Erasable PROM (Programmable Read-Only Memory)
EPS Encapsulated PostScript--files that contain PS-language drawing instructions (Vector-based images; require PostScript printers)
.eps Encapsulated PostScript graphics file extension.

E-R graphical Entity-Relationship

ERD Emergency Repair Disk

ESD Electrostatic Discharge (ESD can damage devices such as, modem, hard drive, sound card, graphics accelerator card etc...Thus, it is very important to remember to ground yourself when working inside a PC).

ESDI Enhanced Small Device Interface

ESI EDUCOM [Educational Communications] Software Initiative

ESM Enterprise Systems Management
ESRB Entertainment Software Ratings Board (software ratings of computer games, for example, that indicate the presence of adult content, foul language, and excessive violence for retailers' and parents' discression; also see RSAC [Recreational Software Advisory Council]).
ESRI Environmental Systems Research Inc. (one of the largest GIS [Geographical Information System] developers).

Electronic Switching System

Enterprise Servers and Storage

ET Enhancement Technology (previously known as Extra Terrestrial)

ETB End of Transmission Block
Ethernet "Lightning fast" Internet protocol (jointly developed by Xerox, Intel, and DEC) that can be connected to a PC through an Ethernet expansion card.
ETOM Electron-Trapping Optical Memory
EUCLC End User Common Line Charge or SLC [Subscriber Line Charge] (also see CALC [Customer Access Line Charge]).
Eudora Pro Internet e-mail software that supports user defined message filtering, MAPI [Messaging Application Programming Interface], MIME [Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions] and spell checking.
EUI End-User Interface (also see GUI [Graphic User Interface] and VUI [Visual User Interface])

EUIT Educational Uses of Information Technology (program developed by EDUCOM [Educational Communications])

EULA End-User License Agreement (legal agreement between an owner of a software package and the company that holds the rights to that product)

Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography (utilization of X-rays in lieu of light to decrease line width on silicon chips to an amazing 0.1 microns. Top-of-the line Intel chips use .35 micron lines).
EV Exposure Value (digital camera)
EVF Electronic View Finder (digital cameras)
Exabyte One ExB equals 1,000 Petabytes or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes ( one Petabyte equals 1,000 Terabytes and one Terabyte is 1,000 Gigabytes ; the library of Congress which includes 42+ million volumes can be stored in its entirety on 10 terabytes)
.EXE MS-DOS & MS-Windows Executable files' extensions

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